Herdade do Portocarro

7595 Torrão, Portugal (0)
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Herdade do Portocarro


Welcome Pack

Herdade do Portocarro has the pleasure of inviting you to visit their property and stay overnight in your motorhome at their facilities. After purchasing your product pack, you are welcome at the farm store to check-in, and be filled in on the rules you should respect throughout your stay.

Red Wine Autocarro Nº27 2017
White Wine Autocarro Nº38 2018

Value 14€

About Us

Herdade do Portocarro, 2 km from the road linking Alcácer do Sal to Torrão, is in front of São Romão village. This region has very remote roots, as evidenced by the traces of wine coins and amphorae found. The name of the estate is inspired by the existence of a high point, in fact the highest in the region, formerly called “car”, and a small pier that has marked the landscape for many centuries, since the days when transport was made especially by waterway.
The estate consists of a rice paddy, next to Sado, where it produces its own brand rice – Loverice – and a hillside area where there are 18 hectares of vineyards.

What we do

Herdade do Portocarro’s project has a philosophy of producing high quality wines in limited and exclusive quantities. The harvest is done by hand and the grapes are carefully selected before entering the cellar. The winery uses traditional winemaking processes, namely the fermentation of grapes in French oak vats.
Portocarro is this and much more! It is a magical place crossed by a tributary of the Sado that bathes the extensive rice fields with unforgettable sunsets. It is also a place where the tranquility of nature invites the dolce far niente and the listening of silence, especially from the covered plateau that offers views of the green and undulating landscape. Although without wine tourism for now, we are happy to invite motorhomes to visit our small wine and rice corner.

Parking conditions

We have two parking spaces by the vineyards.


Open every day, from 8.30a.m. to 6p.m.

To discover nearby

We are close to Alcácer do Sal, a beautiful village full of alleys, with the Sado River, the castle (with a crypt that has traces of the Phoenicians, Romans and Arabs), an inn with an amazing view and the main church. About 30 km away are the Comporta beaches.
Closer, you can have a nice walk by the Vale de Gaio Dam.