Quinta do Gradil

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Welcome Pack

Quinta do Gradil has the pleasure of inviting you to visit their property and stay overnight in your motorhome at their facilities. After purchasing your product pack, you are welcome at the farm store to check-in, and be filled in on the rules you should respect throughout your stay.

Quinta do Gradil Viosino White and
Quinta do Gradil Cabernet Sauvignon & Tinta Roriz Red

Value 15€

About us

In 1854, Casal do Gradil, a property located in the parish of Pero Moniz, municipality of Cadaval, became an estate called Quinta do Gradil. Maria do Carmo Romeiro da Fonseca and her husband, were responsible for the construction of the main house on the Gradil estate. It is situated on an exceptional location and is an excellent example of the eclectic taste typical of the time when it was built. The house transformed the farm into a truly pleasant and unique property, which combines leisure and recreational activities. The couple’s daughter, also named Maria do Carmo, would later marry the 6th Marquis of Pombal, whose crest in on the main façade of the house.
There are some interesting landmarks left over from the days of the Marquis whose influence can be seen in unique architectural traces such as the ones present in the aqueduct, the main kitchen and an almost intact chapel. In 1999, Luis Vieira continued this legacy.

What we do

At our core we are wine producers and it is in this DNA that we find inspiration for everything else, from our gastronomy to our events and experiences.

Parking conditions

We have eight parking spaces in front of Quinta do Gradil palace, where you can find a wonderful wine landscape.


Open from Monday to Friday, from 10a.m. to 7p.m.
We have a restaurant, wine store and wine tastings available at these times.

Wine tourism

Guided tours of the winery run from Monday to Sunday, from 11a.m. to 7p.m. and you can also find other experiences (prices and conditions on request):

  • Restaurant
  • Guided tours with wine tasting
  • Wine tasting with harmonizations
  • Diverse experiences
  • Wine tasting initiation
  • Winemaker for a day

To be discovered

A few kilometres from Serra de Montejunto where you can enjoy the landscape of the West, visit old windmills and have the experience of making bread. Further north, the medieval town of Óbidos which keeps its originality and the very Portuguese tradition of drinking a ginjinha.