You can perform a search by name or host type.

There is no limit, you can travel from Host to Host, as often as you want. To do so, just access the site, buy the respective pack of products and go to the Host.

Each Host has detailed information on the type of infrastructure available, timetables, products and photos.

Completely autonomous motorhome / campervan / camper with toilets, water and waste previously disposed of, since the hosts are not service areas for motorhomes equipped with the necessary infrastructures. Caravans are not eligible, either because the access to the hosts and the spaces themselves are sometimes impracticable for this type of vehicle, or because of the mobility itself.

No, you must first access the site and purchase the pack of products before you travel to the chosen host.

The EasyCamp concept is scheduled for a 24-hour stayover.

No, you shouldn’t because the access gate may be closed, no one will be available to tell you the location where you can park, and you will not be able to pick up your pack. For any need, contact the Host.

Each host has its own rules as to whether pets are allowed or not. If pets are allowed to stay at the site, remember that you are in a private place and you should keep your pets under surveillance at all times, as well as leave the place clean when you leave.

As a rule, they don’t. However, there may be exceptions that will be featured in the information about each host.

Most hosts are open throughout the year, however, due to seasonal activities or festivities, it is advisable to consult the particular information about each host.

Preferably you should make your reservation at least one day before arrival, but you can to do so on the day of arrival until 2 p.m..

Each host sells their own specific products described in their information, but most tend to sell wine, olive oil, cheese, honey and/or agricultural products, breakfast.

After payment of the chosen product pack, you will receive a booking confirmation via email, which you should show on arrival.

The parking places are flat and free of any trees that may complicate the manoeuvring of your motorhome. Each host has specific information available on this subjet.

If any damage of your responsibility occurs, your insurance must be activated and you need to communicate it to the Host.

For any additional doubt, leave your mesage here