Clarify your doubts:

No infrasctuture is required, only an accessible and clean parking place with a flat surface.

Motorhomes are autonomous vehicles in terms of water, electricity and toilets.

Upon arrival, the motorhomer must show you the prouf of reservation.

He can do this with his/her phone or tablet, showing the screen with the confirmation email.

No, each producer decides during which period or periods he/she would like to take the visitors.

You should communicate any changes, as soon as possible, so that the platform is promptly update.

If any damage occurs, insurance must be activated.

If the motorhomer does not respect the code of conduct or any other of the owner’s impositions, he/she should be asked to leave the property.

Yes, motorhomers travel with their 4-legged friends, however, it is up to each farm to decide whether or not they allow pets on their property.

The number of motorhomes depends on your available parking spaces.

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