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Portugal EasyCamp offers the user payment modalities via Paypal and credit card. When choosing a welcome pack, the user is asked to make the payment having the opportunity to choose the desired option.

Portugal EasyCamp uses payment processing systems that ensure complete security, speed and simplicity, in your acquisions.

Acquisitions can be paid directly with your PayPal account by transferring funds to Portugal EasyCamp, without the need to provide any credit card details.

Fees from the online payment process will be supported by Portugal EasyCamp.

The prices of the products presented include VAT at the legal fees in force under Portuguese law.

Cancellation policy

The cancellation policy covers all cancellations, whether cancellations originated at the customer’s initiative or at the partner’s initiative.

It is Portugal EasyCamp’s responsibility to manage the customer return process.

Funds will be returned to the customer using the payment method used.

If the cancellation occurs at the partner’s initiative, it will be fully refunded for the amount paid.

In the case of cancellation made by the customer on the initiative within 48 hours prior to the booked day, the customer will be reimbursed of the total amount paid minus a return fee of 3€  (processing costs).

In case of late cancellation, where you have not fully complied with the cancellation policy, part or the entire amount paid by the pack may be withheld.

If you do not fully comply with the cancellation policy, or do not show up at the Host on the scheduled day, you will not be refunded.

The return of funds in situations of repayment to the customer, will be made within a maximum of 30 (thirty) days.

If you wish to cancel, please contact us via email: info@portugaleasycamp.com.


If any problems occur or for additional information about the Portugal Easycamp website and the current Terms of Use, please contact us by email: info@portugaleasycamp.com.


Code of Conduct

Please take into consideration the following rules:

Please accept any restriction imposed by the host;

Remember that the amount paid corresponds exclusively to a pack of products from the host that will be delivered to you upon your arrival, being the overnight stay at the property an invitation from the owner.

Remember that the host reserves the right not to allow the overnight stay. You are a guest and must always behave as such;

Arrive during office hours or you may not be able to pick up your voucher, or the gates may be closed;

Remember that you are not in a campsite, so you are not allowed to put up tents or any other equipment without previous authorisation;

Park only in the area that the host indicates;

Never light fire, and avoid making too much noise – remember that you are a guest with a family that usually lives and work in this place;

Your stay is free, do not expect to use infrastructures as if you were in a campsite; do not use electricity or water without the permission of the host

Pets may not be allowed at the farm; check beforehand if you intend to take a pet. If pets are allowed keep them safely on a leash;

Sometimes, due to personal or professional reasons a host may not be available, please respect this situation;

Do not prolong the lengt of your stay longer than 24 hours;

Remember that you are responsible for your own safety. Always clarify beforehand with the host if you are allowed to stroll through the property and comply with any existing restrictions;

You are responsible for any damage caused in the farm by your mobile home and/or passengers ;

Keep children under constant supervision and away from any equipment. Remember that most spaces are work places, and therefore may not be adequate for children;

Keep your rubbish, unless you are given permission to use the property’s rubbish bins;

Hosts have no responsibility over any possible occurence of damage or theft on motorhomes.