Conceito Wines

Quinta da Veiga 5155-022 Cedovim (0)
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Welcome Pack

Conceito Wines has the pleasure of inviting you to visit their property and stay overnight in your motorhome at their facilities. After purchasing your product pack, you are welcome at the farm store to check-in, and be filled in on the rules you should respect throughout your stay.

White wine Contraste 2018
Red wine Contraste 2017

Pack value: 20

About us

The history of Conceito Wines begins in the 1940s with the acquisition of the first vineyards and farms by two brothers. It is located in Vale da Teja, one of the coldest microclimates in the Douro, and owns 86 hectares of vineyards. All are managed organically, without the use of pesticides or herbicides.

What we do

Conceito is he flagship brand of the house’s wines. A strong word (Conceito = Concept) that represents the essence of our wines’ definition, created in a unique terroir in Vale da Teja. But Concept is much more than wines. It is a project that reflects the love for nature, the respect for the characteristics of the climate and soil, the ambition to always do the best that the land can produce, and involves the local community, in a partnership with pastors and farmers, stimulating an organic and natural production in the region.

Parking conditions

We have 2 parking spaces by the winery and other 2 in the middle of the vineyard (except for the harvest period).


Open from Monday to Saturday from 10a.m. to 6p.m. Bookings for the same day should be made no later than 2 p.m.

Wine tourism

We have different experiences (prices and conditions on request):

  • Wine tasting and guided tour (temporarily suspended)

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