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Welcome Pack

Enxertada has the pleasure of inviting you to visit their property and stay overnight in your motorhome at their facilities. After purchasing your product pack, you are welcome at the farm store to check-in, and be filled in on the rules you should respect throughout your visit.

Welcome Pack

1 Kg blueberries or 2 Kg cherries or 4 Kg seasonal fruit
1 bottle of Thyro wine (Red, White or Rosé) of your choice
1 bottle of blueberry vinegar (265g) or blueberry jam  (230g)

Pack value: 25

About us

Mónica and João created Enxertada in 2011. They decided that it was time to exchange their life in the big city for the challenge of creating their legacy: a unique project in the Douro Valley that is committed to strong environmental stewardship, principles of sustainability and local development.

What we do

Blueberries and wine are Enxertada’s main products – grown on the principles of a circular, sustainable economy. The farm also grows cherries and produces olive oil, blueberry vinegar and blueberry mustard. The smells and flavors of the Douro Valley are encapsulated in all its products. Enxertada’s deep commitment is towards ethically responsible agriculture with respect for the planet and the preservation of biodiversity.

Parking conditions

We have 2 parking spaces overlooking the fields for an autonomous motorhome (with toilet).


Open every day from 10:00 to 18:00. Advance booking required 24 hours in advance by email: info@portugaleasycamp.com.


We have different experiences (prices and conditions on request):

  • Wine tasting
  • Blueberry picking

To discover nearby

Enxertada is located in the parish of São Martinho de Mouros on the left bank of the Douro, in the Douro Verde area, where you can still observe areas of unspoilt nature. The farm is on the EN22, one of the best roadtrips in Portugal, a route with unique viewpoints.
River beach of Porto de Rei.